Max Mara Fantastic Journey 24 July 2012 Shaw Studios HK – 30sec Teaser


Max Mara Celebrated its Central Flagship Store Opening with "Fantastic Journey"- a Digital Extravaganza of Luxury Fashion and Travel Hong Kong, 24th July 2012 --The Italian luxury fashion house Max Mara celebrated the opening of its 450 sq m duplex Central flagship store at St George's Building by staging a fashion show and a groundbreaking holographic presentation, at Shaw Studios on 24th July. The evening was graced by the presence of superstars Cherie Chung, Kelly Chen, Coco Lee, former Chinese diving queen Guo Jing Jing, Lynn Xiong, to name but a few. Max Mara "Fantastic Journey"穿梭於時裝、藝術及科技之間的旅程 (香港‧2012年7月25日) ── 意大利時裝品牌Max Mara位於中環聖佐治大廈的旗艦店隆重開幕,為隆重其事,Max Mara特別於7月24日晚上假將軍澳邵氏影城舉行盛大Max Mara "Fantastic Journey" 時裝展,以及帶來極具創意及破格的立體投射展。這盛大的派對吸引了不少城中名人參加,包括紅星鍾楚紅、陳慧琳、李玟、名模熊黛林、跳水皇后郭晶晶等等。